The Great Mother



Title: The Great Mother

Size: 40x20cm

Date: 2014

Comment: An ordinary scene: A freshly bought fish is covered in a newspaper, lying on a wooden board. Nothing special. Let’s have a second look and try to search for a hidden meaning:

The fish can be interpretable symbol of Christianity (the Ichthys), covered in an arabic newspaper as a symbol for the Islam. A peacful coexistence.

Unfortunately the moments of a peaceful coexistence between the two religions were very rare in the history of mankind and the present doesn’t look any better.

The written word the great mother are supposed to remind us how pointless conflicts based on different believes really are. The „christian“ fish was used long before Christianity by many pagan religions as their symbol. Before Christianity adopted it, it was known by pagans as „the Great Mother“, and „womb“ (Link). These people believed in their faith just like people do today and probably even fought other tribes because of it. It’s a funny thought that our modern civilizations struggle with the same problems as these ancient tribes did.

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