Title: Hameln

Size: 48x70cm

Date: 2016

Comment: A huge colorful rat is painted on packagings of chocolate bars from the Russian brand Aljonka.

Every Russian knows the masquote of the famous chocolate Aljonka: the innocent looking girl with a traditional russian headscarf. In the work an army of Aljonkas is looking up to somebody: to a teacher, to their parents – or to a false leader? The title „Hameln“ and the painted rat are references to the fable The Pied Piper of Hameln were a fooled ratcatcher uses his magical fluet to lead all children of the city of Hameln into a river were they all drown.

In the history of Russia people were alway used to be lead by strong leaders, no matter if it was an absolutistic Zar or a soviet dictator. The cruler these leader were the more they are remembered as good leaders. Like little children the people believe in anything the leader is telling them – just like children following a ratcatcher.

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