Everyday Horror

Everyday Horror_web


Title: Everyday Horror

Size: 35x47cm

Date: 2015

Comment: A portrait of a wild looking man with a white painted face and colorful long rasta curls is painted on packagings of soup cubes. The words „Everyday Horror“ are scratched in the beard.

The potrait shows a man who is a member of one of the last tribes which practices canibalism. The tribe is living on a small island in the Indian Ocean isolated from the rest of the world. The packagings on which the fierce man is painted are showing a comic chicken which is happily sitting in front of a bowl of chicken soup with a big peace of chicken flesh in it – reminding the viewer of a canibalistic ritual. The work is supposed to draw attention to the horror which is often hidden behind the innocent looking packagings of products in supermarkets: factory farming, the abuse of antibiotics in the animal husbandry, huge amount of waste materials due to extravagant packagings etc. Beeing aware of the nature mass production in the fodd industry would turn the daily visits to supermarkets into a „Everyday Horror“.


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