Title: Trigger

Size: 7x10x23cm

Date: 2014

Comment: A former microscope is combined with a toy guninto a frightening apparat. A Mickey Mouse figure is nailed onto the stage of the microscope, its head placed right under the barrel of the revolver.

Modern science is still depending on experiments with living animals. Animal testing is a very unpopular topic for the vast majority of the people. But at the same time these people wouldn´t hesitate a second to take a drug if it would have any benefit for their wellbeing – drugs which were all tested on animals. It´s like enjoying a delicious steak but at the same time juding the butcher for killing the cow. The sculpture „Trigger“ puts the viewer in the position to decide whether to pull the trigger and kill the helpless Mickey Mouse – or not. A decision which is already unknowingly decided by most of the people by simply using everyday products like bodylotion or aspirin.

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