Old Gods//New Gods

Old Gods-New Gods_web


Title: Old Gods//New Gods

Size: 40x66cm

Date: 2014

Comment: An old uniform, completely covered in original soviet medals and decorations is nailed to the board. Everything is repainted with rich red varnish. On top of it is a big sign of the famous American fast food chain „McDonald‘s“.

„Old Gods“: The leaders of the former soviet union were seen as untouchable beings. These „gods“ were ever-present in uncountable portraits of them, typically wearing all of their medals and decorations – like shrines for saints of the religion comunism.

„New Gods“: The Soviet Union is gone and a new religion is ruling in Russia: Capitalism. Therefore there is no need for the old gods. But before throwing away the old shrines they can be reused for the new faith. Symbolically the old uniform is carelessly overpainted and reused as a sign for a McDonald‘s restaurant.

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