Title: Instincts

Size: 49x80cm

Date: 2015

Comment: A dog is looking faithfuly up to its master. In front of it a set of artificial teeth is lying in a pool of blood. The background is made out of wrapping paper from Russian chocolates, showing Little Red Riding Hood picking up flowers for her grandmother. Above the head of the Basset Hound the phrase: „Once upon a time“ is written.

It is astonishing how mankind was able to breed a dog race like the Basset Hound, which looks so different from its biological ancestor – the wolf. With its long ears and its sagging skin it looks more like a caricature of the wolf than a descendant of it. An impressive example of how the humans control nature. But what are the artificial teeth with the blood doing in front of the dog? In the fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood the wolf eats the grandmother of the little girl and later fools the child by wearing the clothes of the old lady. Again it seems like the dog wasn‘t able to control its instincts and ate the grandmother just like a wolf would have done it. The only thing left is the unchewable set of artificial teeth and the insight that mankind mind not be so much in charge of nature as it believes to be.

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