Wild Beast

Wild Beast_web


Title: Wild Beast

Size: 47x85cm

Date: 2013

Comment: A young, innocent girl is smiling at the viewer. The background is made out of wrapping paper from a Russian chocolate brand named „Mischka Kosolapij“(in-toed bear). Over her head the words „Wild Beast“ are written in acryl and chalk.

When non-russian people try to imagine a „typical“ Russian person, they often think of a raw, unfriendly maybe even wild person – a stereotype which was reinforced through the years of nearly absolute isolation of the Russian people from the western world during the cold war. The written words „Wild Beast“ can be seen as a hint to the described circumstances. On the wrapping paper a picture of a painting from the famous Russian painter Iwan Iwanowitsch Schischkin is printed (Link). It shows bears – the traditional heraldic animal of Russia – in a forest. Every child in Russia knows this painting, probalby even the young, Russian girl who is smiling at you. In this triangular relationship between the girl, the picture and the letters „Wild Beast“ every part fits togehter except the smiling girl and the threatening words above her head. This discrepancy reveals the stereotype as a myth.

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