The Big Fish

The Hunt_web1_2

The Hunt_web2


Title: The Big Fish

Size: 21x36cm

Date: 2013

Comment: The profil of a black skull is covered in red stars with the symbol of the former Soviet Union on them: a hammer and a sickle. Like a hunting trophy the skull is attached to a wooden board. Above the Skull the letter „R.I.P.“ written on a piece of wood are attached to the board.

The scull symbolizes the dead Soviet Union. One of the reasons the experiment of a communistic society finally failed in 1991 was the military and nuclear build-up competition against the NATO which cost an immense ammount of money and ressources. In the end the Soviet Union was no longer able to compete in the race which lead to the breakdown. The NATO had brought down their biggest fish so far. The hunting trophy represents the finished hunt. The letters „R.I.P.“ are written carelessly above the skull – as a sign of the lack of respect for the former opponent.

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